Grand Mid-Autumn Delicacies at Harbour Grand Hong Kong

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To share the happiness of family reunion with the full moon and Kwan Cheuk Heen’s Mid-Autumn Delicacies! Our dim sum chef refined the traditional Chiu Chow style moon cakes and presents 3 flavours of handmade moon cakes – Baked Chestnut Paste Custard Moon Cakes, Baked Lotus Seed Paste and Egg Yolk Moon Cakes and Baked Durian Custard Moon Cakes for you to celebrate the celestial tradition.


Baked Lotus Seed Paste and Egg Yolk Moon Cake HK$228 / box (8 pieces)

Unlike the traditional deep-fried ones, Chef Sam has rendered the Chiu Chow style moon cakes a less guilty delight, while keeping it tasty and flaky layers. The salty taste of egg yolks balances the sweetness of the lotus seed paste. It's neither too sweet nor greasy which makes it a health-conscious choice. 


Baked Chestnut Paste Custard Moon Cake HK$208 / box (8 pieces)

Baked Chestnut Paste Custard Moon Cake finds a delicate balance the nutty taste of chestnut and sweetness of custard. The fresh chestnut puree and creamy custard fillings are enveloped in golden crispy pastry crust that offers an exceptional taste. A small tip from chef, aroma of chestnut and custard will be further enhanced after heating up in oven. 


Baked Durian Custard Moon Cake HK$248 / box (8 pieces)

Durian paste blended together with smooth custard to create melt-in-mouth texture and gives it a strong and distinctive aroma which leaving a delicious lingering flavour. Upon cutting through the crispy crust, the heady aroma of “Golden Pillow” durian rushes out into the open abyss. No wonder these dainty moon cakes are irresistible to durian aficionados.


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31 July 2016


31 August 2016


9 September 2016



Moon Cake Gift Vouchers are available. You can also enjoy up to 30% discount for bulk purchase. Mid-Autumn Hampers from HK$1,988 are now ready for pre-order.


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